Call it what you wanna call it I’m a fuckin’ alcoholic! Fun to yell at a party (even if you’re the only one doing so). Swedish house DJ/producer Tim Berg recently released his own interpretation of the tag line. Though the original is slightly reminiscent (and not in a bad way) of Funkagenda’s “What The Fuck,” Swedish duo Dada Life, definitely pumped some of their signature energy into this track.
Probably what they think this song would sound like to someone who is, well…DRUNK. Final product: Something full of bass with a big room vibe, perfect to throw your hands up and bob your head to.

Perfect to also shake a few beers to and spray the crowd with…just don’t get none on my carpet.

Dada Life’s latest EP, “Cookies With A Smile” is out on Big & Dirty Records.

Tim Berg – Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix)

’Take It Off (Dada Life Remix).mp3′

Regi & Kaya Jones – Take It Off (Dada Life Remix)

’Take It Off (Dada Life Remix).mp3′

Kaskade Feat. Haley – Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)

’04. Dynasty (Dada Life Remix).mp3′
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