Okay, so we might have slept on this one for a minute, but better late than never, right? As the “Tron Legacy” release nears, we anticipate the soundtrack to be the most exciting thing in electronic music this year, and with it an onslaught of remixes.”Derezzed” is one of expected great Daft Punk produced songs off the soundtrack. Their (ninjalike) mastery of both analog and digital synth sounds is truly something to be admired that many often imitate.

Instructions for Daft Punk – Derezzed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack – NTEIBINT Remix)
1.) put on headphones 2.) crank the volume all the fucking way up! 3.) eargasm

Though it gives a bit more of a raw and industrial feel to the original, it just takes the song to a whole other level. “Derezzed” is an example of the perfection Daft Punk aims for in their songs and that a great remix of their songs need not be tweaked a whole lot. The silence between 2:56 and 2:58 may be the longest 2 seconds of your life.

MP3:Daft Punk – Derezzed (NTEIBINT Remix)

’Daft Punk – Derezzed (NTEIBINT Remix) ‘
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