Dusk Funk

Lancaster’s hottest electronic pair George Townsend and Adam Kaye, or Bondax as the rest of the world knows them, have been steadily pioneering and fine-tuning a radiant brand of funk and R&B infused house music over the course of the last few years behind incredible original singles “Baby I Got That”, “Something Good” and “Gold”. While they swept a global smattering of house-heads off of their feet with an utterly unique take on dance groove, Bondax’s output tapered off a bit during the tail-end of 2014 with an immense World Tour and incredible mixtape Bondax & Friends which dropped back in November consuming much of the pair’s collective studio time. But, alas as New Year’s Eve approaches, they’ve dropped a previously unreleased single “Dusk Funk” on us to kickstart things a bit. The tune is an engaging slice of funk fueled house instrumentation, with all the same Bondax perfection we’ve come to love. So as this writer is a bit short on words today, we’re going to let you listen for yourself to “Dusk Funk” below.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped make 2014 one of TMN’s absolute best. We’ve made a lot of new friends along the way, kept most of our old ones and look to expand and fluorish even further as we shift gears into 2015. Feels.

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