Moonboy Inc.
Forever (feat. FEMME)

From what we’ve been told, Moonboy Inc. -the very new and very dance-centered project of Berlin based artist and producer Christoph Ryman- has been polishing up a series of infectious,  piano led singles to trot out under his latest moniker. “Forever” is the debut tune from Moonboy Inc. and its fluidly wormed its way into our heads (and headphones for that matter) behind an effective sampling of shuffled hi-hats, uplifting but reverb laden vocals from the lovely FEMME, and crystaline bass. And we also love a good story behind a tune, which “Forever” certainly has. Moonboy Inc and Femme’s joint effort came about per chance at a Berlin house party, as the two were so serendipitously introduced by a mutual friend, immediately struck up a musical bond, and decided to collaborate. Moonboy’s instrumentation flirts with pop structure and House sound kits while FEMME’s penetrating reverberations weave a crisp finish to this one, resulting in a single we’ve been chomping on all day. “Forever” is the first single from a pending three-track EP due out late this year. Until we’ve got the entire thing, we’ll be reveling in the glow of this one.

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