At least here in the states, it seems like Robyn is having one of the best year’s of her career. She’s recently released the third installment of her Body Talk series and has gone from 90s pop princess to the queen of the indie dance scene after taking her music into her own hands. And leave it to A-Trak to take one of our favorite of the newish Robyn tunes and make it into an even crazier dance explosion. There’s a great juxtaposition in this remix of disco funk and straight up electronic dance that works really well together. And the strings…ah, the strings. If they don’t make this feel like one of the biggest remixes of the year, then you probably need to get your ears checked. Add in Robyn’s voice, which I think is one of the best voices around in dance music these days just to put it completely over the top. The first drop when you go from strings into the beat is just so hot. And the electronic solos that come after ain’t too bad either. A homerun for Robyn and A-Trak from the first moment to the very last.

Robyn – Indestructible (A-Trak Remix)

Indestructible (A
Trak Remix)

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