Sure, this remix is from a few years ago. But I just heard it for the first time recently and it made me so happy that I figured nobody would mind hearing it again (and that’s assuming that you all have heard it before, which I’m sure many of you have not). And I think when you take the French garage pop sounds of The Teenagers and combine it with the beautiful electronica that is Spain’s Delorean (who just so happened to put out one of our favorite EPs of 2009), you end up with a bright European sound that really can’t go wrong. It’s the perfect tune to have in your bag of tricks as the days get a little longer and the sun gets a little warmer. If you find yourself anywhere in the metro Detroit area this summer, expect to hear this one blasting out of my windows. It’s times like this that I really wish I still had a sunroof.

The Teenagers – Love No (Delorean Remix)

Love No (Delorean Remix)

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