Experiencing Daughter perform a live show is just like watching a sped up video of the bloom of a delicate flower. And while that may sound outrageously corny, it is completely accurate. She takes the stage in such an innocent and feeble manner that leads you to wonder if she has never been on a stage before. Then, without warning, a complete transformation takes place. Her voice fills the room piercing through the hearts of the audience accompanied by her captivating instrumentation. Her talent as well as her confidence grows beyond every verse and chorus, ultimately giving life to her music. Daughter was the highlight of my experiences at this years SXSW and in many ways the highlight of my personal music discovery journey. To put it simply, there is not enough Daughter to satisfy this music ninja fan. Synkro has elevated “Love” to profound heights in a relaxing “gliding through the clouds” edit that will make you forget you still have both your feet on the ground.

’Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit)’
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