Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights

’Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights’

It is without a doubt that popularity and relevance of electronic music in pop music/culture is on the rise like yeast. With so many DJs of recent yesteryear starting to break into Top 40 pop music, producing tracks for artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Kelis, Madonna, Kelly Rowland, it is without a doubt that Deadmau5’s time to shine is now with his recent booking as the 2010 VMA House Act. Just look at what MTV has done for the fist pump!

Ultra’s Deadmau5 has not been a stranger to anyone who is a fan of electronic music as he has well made a name for himself since 2005. Releasing tracks that are timeless to any reasonably used pair of dancing shoes such as Ghost’s N Stuff, I Remember, Hi Friend and countless others while sporting a signature look that is familiar to most, he has definitely made his mark of being one of today’s most prominent and respected DJs.

But what is next…? What is next for Deadmau5 and who is the hot new producer that everyone will soon want to get their hands on? Could a recent collaboration between Deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) and California’s electro-house producer Wolfgang Gartner be a sign of something to look out for? He’s held the recent top spot on Beatport’s dance music charts with his UK hit “Conscindo,” and his recent collaboration with Deadmau5 titled “Animal Rights” leaves you feeling like you just got a slight taste of what is to come. These two working well together definitely shows in producing a track that is fun, just the right length, and a must add to any ‘night on the town’ playlist. A definite club banger that you will more than likely hear out and about on dancefloors in the coming weeks, this song perfectly harmonizes both artists with Deadmau5’s bass/banger qualities and Wolfgang’s funk and ability to create lyrics with beats and not words. It’s more so a duet as opposed to a collaboration.

Long live Wolfmau5!

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