Dear David
Hypnotized (Chase Remix)

Are you constantly pining over that epic party that carried from Saturday night, well into Sunday morning? Maybe you’re having a tough time sitting in your cubicle with those thoughts? Do you just want to say “screw it,” and head back to the party? Well, while we certainly don’t encourage you to up and quit your job, we do have something that will help keep those weekend party vibes up and running.

Taking a crack at the recently released, uber-funky “Hypnotized,” from Dear David, this newly-formed, Stockholm-based duo have channeled the cool vibes of their hometown club circuit. While the 70’s inspired disco elements are left behind in this interpretation, Chase pays an artful homage to the original through meticulously placed vocal samples.

The end result is a deliciously drum-centric remix, which will leave listeners unable to stop moving their hips, tapping their feet, and nodding their heads to the rhythmic tribal vibes. And that’s all before the bassline drops in, which will only further the uncontrollable need to dance.

This tune can be found in the official remix EP, dropping October 4th via ICON music. We highly suggest you set a calendar notification to remind yourself.

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