Debut albums are always nerve racking for an artist to put out into the world.

So many questions they ask themselves and the biggest would probably be, are people going to like the album, fans and critics alike?

In my email pops up the newly released debut album of Brice Fox called “Okay, Hello”. Brice is one of those classic singer boys who started putting together boy band groups when he was in high school. Then he attended Indiana University and did it again, forming a pop/rock group that eventually split up. And as many good boy band stories go, Fox and his smooth, Midwest voice took his talents to Los Angeles. Fast forward to today and he has released his 8-track album full of a lot of heart and soul. He has some great songs featuring Matty Rico such as “Sweet Serenity” and “Incredible”, two songs that have a jazzy feel. Fox has a sexy, yes sexy voice for such a young age. He can hit the high notes and take his voice down to the slow melodies. My favorite song is probably “Sweet As It Ever Was”, which is a song bursting with sweet emotions. Fox has a voice that could take him down many different roads, but starting his career with this debut album was the right road to go down first.

’Sweet Serenity (feat. Matty Rico) – Brice Fox’
’Hold You – Brice Fox’
’Incredible (feat. Matty Rico) – Brice Fox’
’Sexy Ladies (feat. Marty Gierczyk) – Brice Fox’
’Aye (feat. Matty Rico) – Brice Fox’
’Sing You To Sleep – Brice Fox’
’Sweet As It Ever Was – Brice Fox’
’Can’t You See – Brice Fox’
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