Bobby Nourmand
Gimme Shelter

Los Angeles based house maestro Bobby Nourmand‘s trek through re-imagined classic tunes has been nothing short of a house tinged earworm for much of the staff here at TMN. After already gracing the blogosphere with dance induced reboots of timeless staples from Simon & Garfunkel and The Doors, Nourmand’s turned his graceful attention to one of Mick Jagger and company’s most recognizable singles: “Gimme Shelter”. Nourmand weaves a sticky web of groove and soul through reduction rather than addition on this latest remix, instilling his focal point of a dingy and rolling 3:00 a.m. deep-house bassline and minimal percussion against Jagger’s unmistakable vocal track before crawling pads and a heavy top line synth bring each separate component crashing together. We’ve been hooked on this one since the first promo copy began circulating, and with “Gimme Shelter”‘s dreary setting played against a gloomy day for those of us Ninjas in Denver, today was the perfect day to share. Bobby Nourmand’s taking our admiration one step further as well, offering up “Gimme Shelter” as a free download here, so indulge yourself today, and tap into his altruistic nature on this most glorious of Cinco De Mayo’s.

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