Speechless ft. RKCB

Candyland has done some house stuff before, but not like this. “Speechless” is the act’s newest single and it features RKCB of Los Angeles. Seeking Blue released this deep trek into four-to-the-floor territory on October 30th through digital stores, but it is just being uploaded to Soundcloud today. Highly influenced by pop, this record is one that can bring Candyland some mainstream appeal, not even just exclusively in the dance world. Despite going for a more mainstream sound, Candyland doesn’t play into some of the weaknesses that come with a lot of records that are geared for popularity. Josie truly delivers something that will leave audiences “Speechless” and us ninjas applaud her for going this unusual sonic route. We don’t know if these are coming, but we’re hoping some solid remixes are on the horizon for this amazing original.

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