It’s always a joy to write about your favorite styles of music, not to mention how easy it is to feature something that carries a certain amount of passion and vigor from its writer. Which is why when Deep-House and Disco producers CKSNL (pronounced Cocksinelle) sent us their forthcoming extended-play, out this Monday on Leeds based Baker Street Records, there was the need to quiet the twelve year-old fanboy inside of me in order to get out some semi-legible writing about this lush trio of club tracks.

“Orlando”, the titular track from CKSNL’s EP plays like a radiant Summer night, bolstered by warm pads, a vocal sample from Marvin Gaye’s timeless “What’s Going On”, and a blithe synth line all wrapped up neatly in a percussive groove. It is a transparent recording done in an intellectual way. Nothing strenuous or unnecessary finds itself on the tune, but what is there seems to flit along quite perfectly. Orlando’s sophomore track “Kristal” follows a more disco centered approach, creating a cut fit for pool-parties, rooftops and VIP sets that recalls some of Mylo’s earliest work, but is still bouncy enough to warrant some hip gyration on the floor. Rounding everything out is Ooft!’s remix of “Orlando”. Ooft! offers a re-imagining of the song’s original melody, but carries it out in a way earmarked to display his signature progressive sound. All in all, Orlando is a fine way for CKSNL to make their TMN debut, so please check out all three tunes.

The EP is set for a release date for the 24th of June, but you can hear it here first. Stream CKSNL’s EP Orlando above.

’CKSNL – Orlando (Ooft! Dub)’
’CKSNL – Orlando (Instrumental Mix)’
’CKSNL – Kristal’
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