Holland Park
Crime (ft. Liam Allan) (Original Mix)[Available June 1]

We’ve finally broken the streak of torrential downpour filled days here in Denver, which makes us believe that summer is now actually well within our reach. With the sun shining down, Ray Bans in full effect, and a new pair of flip flops, all we really need is choice tune to pair with these warm-weather vibes. Thanks to Spinnin’ Deep newcomer Holland Park and vocalist Liam Allan, we’re finally all set to enjoy the day.

Dropping earlier today, “Crime” certainly has a cultural, worldly, and playful sound to it. The combination of beachy percussion, Spanish guitars, casual whistling and smooth bassline create a soundscape prime for your summertime events. Allen’s vocals really help round out the tune, giving it tremendous depth and intrigue. Coupled with the instrumentals, they almost take on a Chris Issak vibe, which is impressive to those of you who are old enough to remember him.

Pick this tune up on June 21st for your next poolside, beachside, backyard BBQ, or late summer night.

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