Lincoln Jesser
Time Will Tell (feat. Samuel Jacob)

It’s been nearly three years since we first stumbled upon Lincoln Jesser. Looking back, it didn’t take much for us to instantly fall in love with the infectious, dancy, and (now that we’re listening to it again) timeless sounds of “We’ll Be Fine.” Since then, we’ve featured him and his music over a dozen times, showcasing our rapidly-growing adoration for his musical talents.

Each time we listened, release after release, we always asked ourselves the same thing – “why isn’t this guy blowing up right now?” Well, “blowing up” is rather tricky, but definitely well-deserved in this case. And, his most recent release will certainly help him get in front of millions more, as he releases his second tune with Spinnin’ Deep.

“Time Will Tell” features a lot of the same nuances we’ve come to know and appreciate from this LA-based producer, but also highlights some new tricks in his growing repertoire. Boasting an energetic piano melody, hard-hitting kicks, and a smooth-as-silk bassline, it has everything you’d want from a proper summer jam whether you just tuned into Jesser’s work, or you’ve been a long-time fan.

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