Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch lj
Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)

The day after St. Patrick’s Day – or as I like to call it St. “Drink All Day” – is always going to be a fuzzy night we almost never remember. However, the hangover that follows the next day is just enough to remind you of the consequences of drinking one too many Irish Car Bombs. Well, you’re in luck because we have the perfect tune from Rashid Ajami to remedy your pounding head.

Ajami takes us one level deeper with his rendition of Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch Ij’s track, “Monsoon.  As soon as it starts, you immediately transcend into a trance-like state of mind that only intensifies as the layers become heavier and the synths become creamier. The melancholic melodies resonate a certain level of depth and darkness in which you are thrown into an involuntary state of introspection. Ajami transforms this song into an enchanting, exotic, and elegant form of art. Not only does this deep house track have a tropical vibe going on, but the accompanied video is equally as enticing. Watch as the colors blend with the beautiful beats and let your mind cure itself of that gnarly hangover.

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