Pretty Pink Feat. Ian Late
Hey Girl

Sometimes all you need to start the day off is an hour long snooze session, a fresh cup of coffee, and some new Pretty Pink to get your body back into the groove of things. The German Deep House producer/DJ has been blowing her latest remixes out of the water; whether it be her stunning U2 rendition of “Ordinary Love” or her remix of KRONO’s “Redlight”, Pretty Pink has proved to all of us that she has a gift in transforming music into something truly powerful and beautiful.

Today we have an original piece from the producing goddess titled “Hey Girl”, which features vocals from Ian Late. If we had to describe our experience after listening to this song, the only word that comes to mind is PHENOMENAL. “Hey Girl” combines a heavy, deep atmospheric vibe with a flawless progression along with an intricately refreshing vocal that takes this song to new heights. Pretty Pink has set the bar for Deep House producers around the globe and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve in the near future. Make sure to grab a free copy of “Hey Girl” but hurry because it’s only up for the next 2 weeks!

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