Booka Shake (Original Mix)
Thomas Jack

As the warm, sunny rays of summer start to leave and the cool, crisp fall air starts to move in, we find ourselves grabbing on to anything that resembles the best season of the year. While we wish we could wear flip flops all year, we cant (well, unless you live in a tropical spot.) Pool weather is soon to be a thing of the past, no matter how much you wish it wasn’t. However, Sydney based Thomas Jack has given us something to keep us toasty as colder weather moves in.

His clever take on Eminem’s “Shake That Ass” “Booka Shake” is a instant pool party pleaser, ensuring just as the lyrics (originally from the real Slim Shady) would suggest. It’s deep, sexy and wants to be put on a party. So, load it up on a hard drive and have it on hand for the few weeks of summer we have left.

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