Thousand Fingers
Take Me Down (LouLou Players Remix)

From the moment  Jérôme Denis -or Loulou Players as we’ve come to know him as both an artist and label boss-  unleashes that pulsating, subterranean kick-drum,  which came careening through our monitors with the amount of force of a raging waterfall, we knew we were in for a proper underground house romper. Taking the stems from Thousand Fingers, (whom you most likely have heard via his other project as one-half of the almighty Paradisko) and his debut single “Down”, Denis has added another brilliant official remix to a burly and pristine dance catalog. Both Loulou Players and Loulou Records‘ entire stable have for years displayed a fondness for the rough-n-tumble analog bass sounds associated with the most thumping  tech-, deep- and G-House, and that aural aesthetic shines through brightly on his revamping of “Down”. Loulou Players rides a distinct line between dark atmospherics and accessible, contagious bounce; tactfully pinning a cathartic bassline to Thousand Fingers’ wonderfully malleable stems which both keeps the original’s soul intact while reshaping it into an underground monster. And who can resist that pitched down, and desolately hypnotic vocal loop? Not us. We’ve been hearing Thousand Fingers’ original record and this thumping remix in the clubs for months, and it was high time we got to bestow it upon our lovely readers.

Thousand Fingers’ debut EP Down is set to release on December 14th via High Above the Ground, which includes the aforementioned Loulou Players remix, Thousand Fingers’ original and another revision via Mexican techno bender Mijo. For now however, you can stream Loulou Players’ remix in the form of a ‘TMN Premiere’ before anyone else.


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