Tom Bull Feat Natalie Wood

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only track called “Escape” that I’ll be writing about today. This first one comes from the UK beatmaster Tom Bull. His Get Twisted Records collaboration with Natalie Wood is a strong release, but Tom is no stranger to those.

“Escape” is a melodic club jam that has Natalie Wood’s tender vocals sprinkled about. Tom’s single comes in at just under six minutes, but you know what they say: time flies when you are having fun. That’s just what this tune is; a fun escape from whatever it is you need escaping from. Not only that, for all you students out there, it’s a good one to pop on while you’re studying to keep you attentive and focused. “Escape” has the minimal style you’re looking for. If you’re not studying and looking to dance, it will have you covered all the same. Check it out now and head to iTunes for a copy.

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