Toyboy & Robin
Save Me Now (feat. Sam Wills) (Felon Remix)

Many of us remember the London house trio of Archie Ward, George Renwick and James Levey -more readily recognizable as their artist moniker Felon-for 2013’s über-viral club hit “Isla”. While we understand that may have been some listener’s sole exposure to their slick combination of accessible melodies with proper house backing, we hope it wasn’t. The three artists have been steadily expanding and improving their Felon project, which now features a groovy live show, in a number of aesthetics with every passing release; and have completely won us over in the process. Luckily for us, we’ve got their latest official remix for Toyboy & Robin‘s Sam Wills featuring single “Save Me Now” before anyone else, and it’s fallen right in line with their consistently shimmering output. Felon comb their deeper side through Toyboy & Robin’s malleable original, throwing on a sticky sweet synth hook and shuffled hi-hats while slathering on some warranted reverb on Sam Wills’ syrupy vocal track. Quite simply, Felon’s “Save Me Now” remix is an earworm if we;ve ever heard one and a welcome addition to our in-house heavy rotation house playlist.

Like the rest of their Bright Young Things collective, which includes some erupting talent including TMN favorites Sebastian Carter & DE$iGNATED, Felon’s been pushing the envelope on what has become somewhat of a saturated genre in regards to the deep and club-house sound that has been taking over underground dance for years. We’re beyond excited to see what comes from the house triumvirate, but for now, let’s bask in the glory of their “Save Me Now” remix above.

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