Pretty Pink
Ordinary Love (Pretty Pink Remix) [Free Download]

After almost 3 years of no music releases and no word of their existence, U2 was starting to make us question whether they were still a thing or not. Last November they got us back into the groove of things, and released their powerful single, “Ordinary Love” in honor of one of history’s greatest figures: Nelson Mandela. That song made us relive all the sweetest memories and beautiful days we’ve all shared with U2, while simultaneously spreading the love and peace that Mandela fought for until the day he died.

With a song with that much meaning and depth, it was almost inevitable that some brave soul in the dance music world would take on this divinity and add a new essence of beauty to it. That brave soul was Pretty Pink. Known for making people groove across dance floors around the world, the German house goddess decided to turn a historically pivotal song into something truly euphoric. Without straying too far away from the integrity of the original, Pretty Pink adds a subtle, yet powerful, dose of heavenly melodies that have Nelson Mandela smiling from up above the universe.

As we effortlessly groove across the living room floor or vibe to the flow of traffic this afternoon, make sure to turn this song up and let that soul of yours feel the ordinary love around us- wherever that may be.

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