Zhu has been all over the internet lately and remains to keep a mystical persona. We haven’t been able to crack the code on who he is or what Zhu‘s true story is, but what we do know is he has a mesmerizing voice and impeccable production quality! A few weeks back we covered The Nightday EP when it dropped, and now we are ecstatic to bring you the video for “Faded” directed and edited by none other than the mystery man himself!

The video for “Faded” has a very hypnotizing quality to it; between the sexy introduction and the strobe effect which promptly follows your eyes will be warped to the screen! As the track kicks in you see what we assume to be Zhu walking up the stairs in this massive venue. That was a great touch highlighting the beginning of the song and it’s filtered drums! As soon as the deep bass and drums hit the Zhu logo flashes across the screen and shows a full crowd of french party-goers. The videographers do an amazing job at capturing the avant-garde experience you’d expect from Paris’ most prolific venue The Social Club. As the strobes flash you see a couple of beautiful girls, one up against a wall and one laying seductively on a couch; the minor details like this really added to the replay factor for us!

As things go on, a silhouette figure puts back a bottle and as he puts it down exhales smoke which was a serious mind-fuck. When he finishes exhaling a cloud of smoke, the song breaks into the chorus and refocuses its attention on the sexy girl on the couch putting off some seriously seductive body language. The claps kick in and the video transitions over to go-go dancers on the stage building up to what everybody seems to wait for in dance music… the drop! The drop starts and you see a club filled with people dancing the night away to the deep house vibes Zhu provided.

It seems odd how a video can create such an experience making you feel a part of it or send an overwhelming chill down you spine, but this video did exactly both! Whoever Zhu is, he’s extremely talented and has a very hypnotizing quality to his work! Whether it be his music or his videos, we are extremely excited for what is to come from this elusive creature they call Zhu!

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