Over the course of the past few years, Los Angeles based Deep-House and Nu-Disco maestro Dr. Fresch has been churning out a proficient slate of remixes and originals, mainly through his own Prep School Recordings imprint, while simultaneously polishing up an already clear grasp on producing genre-bending dance music. Throughout his new extended-play, the only common theme was… well none really. Opening track “Dreamin” tows the line as the EP’s pure Deep-House testament with tinges of U.K. garage and disco lean; and was our favorite six minutes of the collection as far as having the versatility to be rinsed out in the club or just be aurally consumed in a dark room with a lava lamp. Backing up “Dreamin” is “Float”; perhaps the most uniquely playing tune of the bunch, which can’t quite be summed up into one genre, rather bringing phrases like ‘Big-Room, Deep-Disco’ and ‘Deep-EDM’ to mind. Powerful stuff really. Rounding it all out and dropping the jack back into the fold is “What You Need”, with its shuffling hi-hat and snappy snare kick glossed up with a very 90’s appropriated vocal and piano loop. Through just a short 21 minute jaunt, Dr. Fresch has shown off four completely different layers of his production standard, and has our interest absolutely piqued for what the future will bring to this music project.

After coming in hot recently on Billboard’s ‘Next Big Sound’ chart, yesterday marked the official release of Dr. Fresch’s self titled four-track EP; which was gifted as a basic quality free download on his Facebook page for the going rate of one “like” along with a the high quality files being available through most major music retailers. Check out the entire Dr. Fresch EP below and take it home (digitally of course) while you’re at it.

’Dreamin (Original Mix)’
’Float (Original Mix)’
’What You Need (Original Mix)’
’Amelie (Original Mix)’


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