Delta Heavy, ‘self prophetic genre-less guise of anything and everything between 110-174 bpm’, show no signs of slowing down. Following their acclaimed ‘Overkill / Hold Me’ EP release last year and countless touring extending Australia, USA, Canada & Europe they still managed to squeeze 6 hard hitting originals into Down The Rabbit Hole, their most ambitious project to date.

From the first listen of ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ we can only assume its a metaphor for the phrase, “This shit is about to get real”, because that is exactly what it seems like. Wasting zero time, the very first track ‘Get By’ starts the EP off with comforting basslines and pitched up saccharine vocals that make you wonder if they have gone soft. But obviously, soon after the first drop, Delta Heavy is back to business with an aggressive bouncy 2 step bass and intricate vocal play loops. They are hitting harder than ever before.

Highlight track like ‘Turnbine’, a gorgeous clusterfuck of drum and bass paired with gritty synths. And ‘End of Days’ a fast paced thriller that exemplifies their signature style, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ is a must purchase release causing as much mayhem as a Michael Bay movie.

’Delta Heavy – Get By’
’Delta Heavy – Get By (Delta 174 Mix)’
’Delta Heavy – Demons’
’Delta Heavy – End of Days’
’Delta Heavy – Turbine’

‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ will be released May 28, 2012 on RAM Records

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