One of the perks of being a ninja is getting to review a ton of live shows. Last year alone, I personally attended over 80 concerts. My hearing will more than likely be gone by the time I’m 40, but at the same time I will end up having seen more shows than most people can dream of.

With as many shows as I’ve seen, there are still a few that are on my bucket list. This Tuesdays knocks another one off that list, as Bloc Party makes a return to Denver. If you’re not familiar with Bloc Party, then we have to assume that you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere in the mountains. These British indie rockers have been using their catchy hooks and poppy structures for over 8 years now, and have sold upwards of two million albums world wide.

Bloc Party has brought on LA Duo IO ECHO for a little support. While this band is relatively young, they’ve managed to develop a following with their unique “east meets west” sound. With their first album coming out in April (Ministry of Love, via IAMSOUND) now’s as good as time as any to head out and see them live. Their complex sound layers industrial elements, the Japanese koto and Chinese violin creating a ethereal, shoegaze feel that’s sure to translate into an amazing live performance.

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