Dechorro (Chardy Remix)

You know it’s going to be a phenomenal day when you see the name Deorro pop up on your news feed. The sensational producer/DJ has taken the world by surprise with the massive hype he has created for himself over these past few years. Last year, Deorro released his huge track, “Dechorro”, to which we all completely lost our minds (and our pants for that matter). Now that the track has made its rounds across every festival, club, and show around the globe, we have been anxiously awaiting for some bangin’ remixes to give us that good ol’ stanky face.

Today we are happy to be premiering an official remix of “Dechorro” from Melbourne native, Chardy. Now that Melbourne Bounce has permeated the U.S. with such aggressive force, I guess you can say we prepared for the unexpected with this remix. After listening to the the track multiple times through, we realized that we have a serious medical condition here at TMN, in which we instantly break out into hour long rage sessions regardless of where we are at. Chardy has given us a justified reason for these recurring bouts of ‘Sudden Dance Syndrome” (WebMD that – we guarantee it’s an actual disease).

Before you press play, make sure to listen to the ninja doctors orders when we say to dance irresponsibly. We promise it won’t cure your serious case of SDS, but we do promise it will make you a much better dancer.

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