Ooooh, some bouncy filth for you now. Nick Edwards, aka Drivepilot, has always pushing out a lot of awesome beats recently and this ‘Money‘ is definitely one of the best yet from the Canadian producer. Slamming a bassline, dirtier then pigs in mud, under the chopped up vocals of Notorious B.I.G Tupac gives me an urge to pull some serious bad ass (potentially illegal) moves whilst currently sat in Starbucks!! LOVE IT.

Following the success of his earlier track ‘Fuck Yeah‘, Drivepilot seems to be heading towards a pretty darn successful producing career, incorporating a big influence of heavy rock with the breakbeat sounds heard in mainstream dubstep. Enjoy!

Drivepilot – Money

’Drivepilot – Money.mp3′

Drivepilot – FUCK YEAH (stream only – Buy on iTunes)

’Drivepilot – FUCK YEAH’


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