The S.O.S Band
Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Solidisco Remix)

Disco-House duo Solidisco, dug into their crate of obscure records for this one and may have found the perfect Summer remix along the way. With multiple releases on A-Trak’s tastemaking Fool’s Gold label, the pair seem to be the perfect ambassadors to bring one of our favorite dance genres to the masses. Taking The S.O.S. Band’s classic “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” was perhaps a risky move, but the original stays largely untouched with only minor tweaks; the BPM’s taken up to around 128, the drums hollowed out, but much more boisterous and a danceable four-to-the-floor bassline. All of these elements will no doubt culminate into a Summer time charge to the dance floor, and as an even greater bonus, Solidisco has included the track as a free download for aspiring DJ’s to rinse it in their sets or just to groove to in your vehicle of choice (here’s looking at you Vespa contingent). Grab it above.

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