There are times when we just cant bare listening to another remix of a popular song (Avicii’s Levels comes to mind). However, as soon as time passes by (usually after 1-2 years), listening to an old favorite can actually be very welcoming. This brings us to DJ Fresh 2010 MEGA HIT ‘Gold Dust’ (first released in 2008 but re-released featuring vocals from Ce’Cile). Its impact it had on the EDM world was astounding and played a huge rule helping to popularize dubstep around the world.

Now early in 2012, producer Joe Gale, aka WBBL, from Guildford, Britain has brought it back with a funky edit giving the song its youth back again. Stream it bellow and also check out his 18-minute promo mix after that.

’DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (WBBL Edit)’

Download: WBBLBEATS Promo Mix 2012

’WBBLBEATS Promo Mix 2012’
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