If you are a music fan, and by reading this you probably already are one, then you should be familiar with the plethora of musical/timing games, like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Band Hero, and now DJ Hero just to name a few. To celebrate the release of Dj Hero we put together a small sample playlist of some of the best songs we found on the game’s soundtrack, to give you a taste of what you can expect. The game track list is mostly compromised of good quality mash-ups, combining two tracks to try to form a distinct experience for the player. Although these tracks were some of the best we found, we also noticed many mediocre ones that only seem to be enjoyable when you are playing the game but otherwise do not have much playback value.

The game is definitely worth checking out.

Daft Punk vs. Queen – Robot Rock vs. We Will Rock You

’Robot Rock vs. We Will Rock You.mp3′

Kid Cudi vs. Black Eyed Peas -Day N Nite vs. Boom Boom Pow

’Day N Nite vs. Boom Boom Pow.mp3′

Jay-Z vs. The Jackson 5Izzo (H.O.V.A.) vs. I Want You Back

’Izzo (H.O.V.A.) vs. I Want You Back.mp3′

Rihanna vs. The Killers – Disturbia vs. Somebody Told Me

’Disturbia vs. Soembody Told Me.mp3′
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