Killing Time (feat. Isabel Higuero)

Drum and Bass is the perfect genre for just about any activity. The intensity of the percussion is a perfect match for a grueling workout or getting amped up for a night out on the town. The melodic intricacies often found in liquid DnB make an ideal match for cranking out some work, or taking a moment to step back and think. In a set or playlist, it seamlessly blends from track to track, creating an energetic feed that’s rivaled by none.

Following up on the deservedly adored “Boundaries,” DJ/Producer Lewis Munns, aka Droptek, has checked off all of those aforementioned boxes with this lovely, rolling DnB tune. “Killing Time” boasts an incredible mix of classic piano work and synths which work perfectly with the expertly crafted drum pad arrangement. It’s highlighted even further by the addition of vocalist Isabel Higuero, who brings the perfect set of lyrics for this radiant tune.

Whether you’re a seasoned DnB vet, or you’re just getting your feet wet in this incredible genre, “Killing Time” offers the perfect blend of what makes this style of dance music so wonderful. Press play and get ready to drift away.

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