Man, this is a serious sonic step-up from when I used to blast this track in the car during my wake n’ bake pre-surf sessions!

The “Breaks Mix” of “King of the Bongo” is the kind of track you’d expect to hear in some indie grom surf movie; yet seamlessly transitions in just the way you’d expect us to describe it: As the perfect foundation for any dubstep technician mastering his whomps live, right before he unleashes utter grime-riden chaos. This track with its commanding yet cheerful & Caribe-minded breaks, will stomp utmost authority across dancefloors. DJs, cut through layers of filthy aural residue and drop this in mid set for an energetic jumpstart.

Manu Chao And Portishead – King Of The Bongo (Breaks Mix)

’Manu Chao And Portishead – King Of The Bongo (Breaks Mix)’
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