It’s safe to assume that every single person who comes to our site has been to a live show. It’s also safe to assume that a good number of you have made it to a festival of some sort, enjoying multiple stages of music over the course of one or more days. What goes into those shows though? How many moving parts are you aware of? For most of us, we don’t understand the magnitude of work, the immense amount of people, and the meticulous planning it takes to put on such an encompassing experiences for fans. Until now.

Documentarians Doug Bogan and Mike Koziel, in association with KenCast, have traveled the country trying to shine some light on this very subject. Showcasing 11 interviewees from differing aspects of the dance music industry, including TMN Co-Founder Clayton Warwick, Heard But Not Seen is a compelling, behind-the-scenes exploration at this overwhelmingly popular faction of today’s music-loving culture.

Below is a trailer of the upcoming film, with the full release dropping next Month.

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