“Memories” is a track by David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi released back around August 2009. The track is a much laid back club mix than what we are used to here (see post below) but nonetheless it was a “solid” song. Personally, it took me a while to like the beat Guetta laid down but the presence of Kid Cudi facilitated this process.

DOSVEC, moniker of DJ Whatt, thought this song was a complete sausage fest and threw in Ciara to balance things out. The result of adding Ciara’s One Two Step to Memories is completely amazing… but sadly it doesn’t last for long. In the second half, we are back to square one with just Kid Cudi and no sign of Ciara. A complete tease if you ask me as another Ciara appearance would have taken this mash-up to another level. Nonetheless I enjoyed the beginning SO much I had to share it and ask what you guys think about it? Am I asking for too much? Comment Below.

DOSVEC – One Two Memories


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