Simon Green’s fourth studio album under the Bonobo moniker is poised to be that palate cleansing musical statement that redeems downtempo from the ghetto of the Novocain-numb musak that is piped into expensive restaurants and the elevators of over-priced Las Vegas hotels. No one ever told Green he was supposed to be boring. Or predictable. Or that he could get that live band sound from Pro-Tools. Or that downtempo artists don’t make albums worthy of the highest praise. Impossible to take in all at once, the scope of Black Sands unfolds over several listens. Bonobo cuts broad swaths of musical cloth to weave trip-hop, dubstep, jazz, and balearic, into something wholly understated, contemplative, and downright sexy. Read full review at

Bonobo – Kong

’Bonobo – Kong.mp3′

Bonobo – Kiara

’02 Kiara.mp3′
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