Unless you’re an underground super-ultra hipster then you most likely possibly watched some part of the American Music Awards. Usher opened the show with a mash-up of some of his most recent hits including “Climax”. It’s a good song, but after hearing Mt. Wolf’s cover I’ve established that theirs is waaaaaaaay better.

Mt. Wolf is categorized under a genre known as “dark folktronica,” their songs are contrasts of deep bass, some traces of dubstep mixed with acoustic guitar and gentle vocals. It’s an odd mix, but it totally works. This cover of “Climax” is intoxicating, filling you up with Kate Sproule’s insanely delicate and crisp voice and a beat so quiet you can’t even hear it. But listen closer and your foot will start tapping and soon enough you’re in too deep to stop. Grab their EP Life Size Ghosts at Two Sister Records right here.

’Mt. Wolf – Climax – Usher Cover’
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