Still Parade

If you’re having a bad day, press play and close your eyes. Let the soft, feathery vocals of Still Parade take you away to a better place.

Coming off the Fields EP (out on Serve & Volley Records) , “Reunion” offers us another listen to vocals that completely overtake what you’re doing, demanding that you stop, listen and enjoy. As we saw with “Actors,” they have a knack for creating slow-building, progressive folk, that eventually crecendos into a melodic climax. This time around, we hear the inclusion of some powerful drumming and trumpet work, which creates a charging summertime folk tune that’s worthy of whatever adventures lie ahead.

Lyrically, this tells a story that any person can relate to. Check out what they had to say about the inspirations behind “Reunion.”

When I was 15, I spent some time with this girl, who was a bit older and she left this really big impression on me. I was in love, but things never got serious. And I kept thinking about this when I wrote “Reunion”. I imagine, how it would be if we’ve met and if things would have been different. There were all these pictures in my head and I tried to put them in this song.
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