I was delighted to stumble across the sounds of young producer BMotion back towards the start of the year and I’m thrilled to see that he drops his follow up release on the 18th of this month. Once again releasing on the quickly establishing Soulvent Records, drum and bass new boy BMotion drops two beautifully crafted tracks in the form of ‘All My Love/Reflections’.

The single uses the crystal clear vocals of Jon Lilygreen – who was also picked up by the producer to sing on his debut piece ‘Circles’. An uplifting and vitalic track, ‘All My Love’ glides along, balancing loose, flurried drops with the warmth in Lilygreen’s sound. ‘Reflections’ is my favourite of the two, and it really showcases the serenity and emotional drive behind BMotion’s music. It’s a more toned down slice of liquid – and the melody is enveloped by the resonating, twinkling use of piano chords. He has used a recording of himself playing the drums in this piece, and they increase the urgency with smattering breakdowns underneath the stirring, yet gentle vocals. The soundtrack to a summer dream.

I continue to watch the development of Soulvent Records with great interest – their ability so far to select young, passionate composers is hugely encouraging, and each release seems to be incredibly well thought out and of the highest quality. BMotion is surely on track to get snapped up both by promoters for bookings and labels for exclusivity. I am already excited for both this producer’s next steps and the continuation of the Soulvent Records platform.

All My Love Ft. Jon Lilygreen’
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