“Hope I Did Okay,” stands out in the large Feint catalog. It starts off strong and maintains a gripping pace, effortlessly drawing listeners in with its energetic rhythm and cleverly incorporated mid-tempo elements at the drop—a smart twist that enhances the thrill. It’s a carefully crafted piece that fits perfectly into Feint’s impressive portfolio, showcasing his flair for blending stirring rhythms with emotional undertones.

Andrew Hu’s journey from a fresh-faced artist to a mainstay in the scene is as inspiring as it is impressive. From his early label signings to Monstercat paving the way for numerous hits, along with his work with Liquicity Records, the man continues to bring quality to the forefront when it comes to his productions.

Feint’s collaborations, especially those with Laura Brehm, such as “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words,” have not only resonated but also skyrocketed in terms of streaming numbers, reaching millions of listens. This speaks volumes about both where he’s been and how far he will go.

“Hope I Did Okay” is expected to thrill longtime fans and newcomers alike. Feint’s knack for keeping the adrenaline high while delivering new and exciting music keeps his work fresh and continuously engaging. As he moves forward, his impact on the drum and bass scene is undeniable, proving that his journey is far from peaking—it’s just getting more interesting.

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