Arctic Lake
Heal Me (SpectraSoul Remix)

We never really need any additional reasons to enjoy some gorgeous liquid drum & bass, but with the looming, blackish, grey clouds slowly wrapping around the Mile High City, we found ourselves yearning for something exactly like this remix of “Heal Me.”

Originally crafted by up-and-coming, London-based electronic pop act Arctic Lake, this tune was already rooted in a layered, melodic soundscape, coupled with stunning vocals. It seems only natural that they would look to have a top-notch drum & bass outfit take a crack at it, which is why they brought in the well-established SpectraSoul.

The end result is an uplifting listening experience that features appropriately upbeat percussion and beautifully drawn out breakdowns. Fans of the original still have plenty to call back on those fond memories of the original, but will now have an entirely new way to enjoy them.

This top notch offering from both acts should leave you looking for the repeat button. If you’re anything like us, you’ll happily oblige.

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