London based Drum & Bass duo DC Breaks are set to release their sophomore EP on RAM Records, home of current bass champs Sub Focus and Delta Heavy. The 4 track EP is titled “Firez” and it moves through all aspects of the genre with precision. The title track utilizes infectious synth hooks and melodies to rise above. “Era” goes a bit darker with growling bass lines and the end of the human race. “Move Closer” twists up the epic vocals by Belle Humble into a swell of energetic movement and “Shaken” finishes you off with crystal clear breaks in the intro and supremely heavy synths at the drop. These guys definitely have a knack for all things DnB. You can pick up the album from the RAM Records site here and enjoy the preview!

’DC Breaks – Firez’

’DC Breaks – Era’

’DC Breaks – Move Closer ft Belle Humble’

’DC Breaks – Shaken’
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