There is no question that when it comes to artistic vision and creativity Jon Gooch is without a doubt part of the upper echelon of all human beings. Most recently known for his stage moniker Feed Me, Jon Gooch has been generating quiet a buzz surrounding all of his work. From collaborations with groups such as Crystal Fighters, to his outstanding original dubstep and electro originals and even his sensational Essentials Mix for BBC Radio 1, Feed Me has been a dominant force in the EDM scene. However, as a result of this recent success as Feed Me, Jon strayed from his project which initially garnered him fame, Spor. For many months, drum and bass fans around the globe have feared that the legend that is Spor might never return but fortunately this is not the case. Spor is back in action releasing two original tunes, Ziggurat and Push Me, Pull You, the latter being a feature in Feed Me’s Essential Mix. Jon highlighted the release of his latest tracks on his Facebook stating,

“New release on Lifted Music from myself. Who said I left? Genres mean nothing to me, I just love music, thank you to everyone who supports me.”

Ziggurat / Push Me, Pull You comes out today on Lifted Music  and can be purchased here. Enjoy.

’Spor – Ziggurat’
’Spor – Push Me, Pull You’
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