Oh Terravita, what have you gone and done? This one is a game-changer for sure. So here’s the brief of what’s about to go down once you hit play. You’ll be greeted with a funky jam of bass guitar and drums and instantly groove to this fresh approach from these dubstep specialists. Enter the build and the unleashing of raw bass force that you craved since you spied the name of the artist in this post. That alone would be enough to warrant a solid track that would satisfy the needs of filth seekers everywhere. But what elevates this track into greatness is the extreme levels of funk achieved by that hard-hitting jazz breakdown that follows. This is a clash of genres that results in absolute success and the widest grin you will wear all day. Even though you have now been made aware of what’s coming, your body will never be ready.

‘Spicy By the Glass’ was released as part of Terravita’s free Greatest Hits Volume One compilation. You won’t even be halfway through this track before you realise that you should really grab the whole thing.

’Terravita – Spicy By The Glass (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
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