Bassnectar is back to his dark and eery, heavy bass influenced ways. This track titled “Hexes” featuring some terrifying vocals from none other the Chino Moreno, who Bassnectar refers to as one of his favorite vocal artists. This was made for the new “Resident Evil: Retrubution” movie, and I can’t think of a better artist to feature on that soundtrack then Bassnectar. He also said that he had way too much fun scoring this and he “wanted to make a beat that dropped like a wall of bricks to knock people back in their seats at the movie’s sudden and dramatic end”. Well now I have to go see this movie just to hear this on some massive movie theatre speakers, and props to Bassnectar for making it to the big screen. Cheers.

’Bassnectar – Hexes (ft. Chino Moreno)’
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