Alright music ninjas, I got a huge post for you jam packed with some the sweetest dubstep you’ve ever heard. Two fairly lesser known DJs, Captain Crunch and Fytch, have teamed up to drop one of the year’s sickest tracks by far, Raindrops. The real star here is Dutch producer Fytch, whose Soundcloud is one of the more impressive collections of original and refreshing dubstep I’ve ever seen. He has an ability to enhance traditional techniques with unique effects and massive drops that add up to absolutely epic yet slightly subdued bangers. Combined with Captain Crunch’s impressive music mixing and turntable scratching, and Carmen Forbes’ vocals, this track could easily end up being one of the best of the year.

Fytch & Captain Crunch ft. Carmen Forbes – Raindrops (Original Mix)


And as if that wasn’t enough, we have a bonus remix by Tomba, an up and coming Dutch producer. His style is dark, gritty and heavily influenced by D&B. The remix doesn’t stray too far from the original, playing with the effects and adding an intensely glitchy feel but otherwise leaving it unchanged. Both are sick, but with a song this awesome you really can’t go wrong.

Fytch & Captain Crunch ft. Carmen Forbes – Raindrops (Tomba Remix)

’Raindrops (Tomba Remix)’

Fytch | Facebook | Soundcloud

Captain Crunch | Facebook | Soundcloud

Tomba | Facebook | Soundcloud

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