A few months back a video dropped via YouTube, which depicted Skrillex playing an unidentified song live in a small venue setting. As with any track Sonny Moore produces, fans immediately started exhausting all of their resources to discover its true ID. The rumor mill had officially begun, with fans suggesting any feasible origin for the song. Unfortunately, the suggestions that it was an unfinished Skrillex track, or an unreleased gem from Alvin Risk or another OWSLA cohort, all seemed to be dead ends.

However, a little less than a month ago, a full quality version of the song emerged on Soundcloud from a new artist called HALLYWOOD X. As of yet, the person hasn’t exploded into the next EDM sensation, but there is no denying HALLYWOOD X has loads of potential considering many mistook this first track for a Skrillex production. In the meantime, treat yourself to your daily dose of wobbles and lasers and keep an eye on HALLYWOOD X’s Soundcloud to see how this young artist matures.

’HALLYWOOD X – Rescue Me (Original Mix)’
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