Don’t be fooled by Popeska posing with his cute cuddly cat, he is one sick twisted individual who lures girls with his soft image of a cat loving male, then slams out some utter flith like the MP3’s below… disgusting.

Download: Popeska – Oh!

’Popeska – Oh!’

Download: Popeska – Lololololol

’Popeska – Lololololol’

At only 19 years of age, the Alanta dubsptep producer is currently signed to Solfege Records (owned by Liberty) and is still really fresh to the scene. His Soundcloud is a great example of the journey of a young electro-step artist; showing the progression from his early days of deep sub bass sounds to his more recent ripping electro sounds like the ones above. We really hope Popeska will start to gain more notoriety within the EDM scene so support him by ‘liking’ and ‘following’ him on the links below:

Popeska on Soundcloud
Popeska on Facebook

Right – I need to go buy a cat…..

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