Being a Midwest girl, whenever anyone mentioned Minnesota in the past I always paired it with the 32nd state whose abbreviation is MN, whose nickname is the Gopher State and whose baseball team is the Minnesota Twins. Fast forward to present day and now when anyone mentions Minnesota I know they aren’t talking about a state, oh no, rather, they are talking about Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota, the talented 23-year-old dubstep artist from Santa Cruz, California. Minnesota has been tearing up the music scene with his eclectic mix of beats and drops. He has a talent for weaving vocals into the threads of his sound waves, every song carrying a massive energy that only heightens whenever Minnesota decides to throw in body vibrating bass.
Giving everyone an early reason to give thanks, yesterday Minnesota released his song “Yoga Pants” off of his new EP “Altered States” which comes out today. “Yoga Pants” starts off with a nice drum entry quickly infused with lyrics letting any listener know what yoga pants is about, work, work, work girl. “Tokyo” is a song that exemplifies Minnesota’s keen ability to mix so many different sounds to make a masterpiece. The song carries a wave like tune throughout while drum and bass beats, combined with rap vocals, intertwine to complete the piece. “Indian Summer”, featuring G Jones, is a cosmic song that has a seducing rhythm. Close your eyes and this song, with a repeating background beat and light mixes, takes you to another place. To the beach, to the mountains, to another country, this song transports your mind. “To the Floor” and “Float”, which features Zion I, have already been released but are, as usual, songs not to be missed. No longer is the name Minnesota recognized as just a state but he is really a state of mind.

’Minnesota – To The Floor’
’Minnesota – Yoga Pants’
’Minnesota – Tokyo’
’Minnesota – Float (Featuring Zion I)’
’Minnesota – Indian Summer (Feat. G Jones)’
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