Disciple Records‘ newest member Oolacile just celebrated his recent signing with a huge EP. Humanity is the basshead’s newest EP. Be warned before you click play, you’re entering into a world of extremely disgusting low frequencies. So disgustingly dirty that it is beautiful.

Humanity is comprises of four singles, including a collaboration with the Texan Cromatik. Oolacile is quickly establishing himself as one of the most unique dubstep producers and you’re about to find out why if you don’t know already. His sounds and style are unique, but still accessible to both classic and new age dub/riddim lovers. Each song on the EP has a bit of a different tone to it, making this project a fresh experience from start to finish. The Humanity EP is currently available on digital stores for purchase and stream.

’Oolacile – Human Experience’
’Oolacile – Kuratas’
’Oolacile – Mesmerize’
’Oolacile – Signal (Ft. Cromatik)’
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